President’s Cup team victorious over RMTC

The Mighty Hobart Real Tennis Club, led by our Glorious President John Ramsay, were victorious over the Melbourne club last weekend. 

Below is a report from team member Eryl Raymond:

Presidents Cup – It was a very pleasant and triumphant weekend.  The team was a great mix of experienced campaigners and new members –
we all had our moments of brilliance and not-quite-so brilliant.   At end of Day One, after a slow start, with a final flourish we led 10-7.
Getting used to the ball shooting off the back wall took a bit of extra focus, we obviously mastered it, as Day Two produced 7 out of 9 wins.
A convincing win by all accounts.  Stand-outs were Graeme Blundstone and Chris Doucas – new members who rose to the occasion beautifully.
It was great to have Ros back playing – she excelled against Julia Page for a real nailbiter that went down to the wire.
The dinner was lovely as usual, catered for 35 people in the upstairs Board Room – the speeches by ex-President Richard Travers and John Ramsey were entertaining, particularly John pointing out his history with Melbourne and taking up the game and how the Exhibition St. courts only existed because someone who enjoyed playing in Hobart decided they should have a court in Melbourne.
All those matches needed marking – this is when you appreciate Barry and his dedication on these sorts of weekends.  They had a bunch
of professionals who took their turns on both courts.  It is a wonderful luxury not having to remember scores or work out handicaps.
These weekend tournaments against other clubs are a joy to play in. Hosts are always generous and super-friendly – if anyone thinks they
aren’t up to it, think again and sign up for the next one.  All standards are catered for in the handicapping system and the bonding with your
clubmates makes for a great team dynamic.


3 thoughts on “President’s Cup team victorious over RMTC

  1. Full agreement Eryl – especially the friendship, competition and bonding with other clubs – our world of tennis is international but small numbers and very friendly and it helps greatly towards my pleasure of playing even at the tender age of 62.

  2. Thanks all for the great time. The Melbourne ‘Bounce’ helped me use my Lawn Tennis shots more readily and I thought it was a wonderful court. The Pros’ and Members’ hospitality was first rate! When is the next one….?

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